180 Degrees

A whole new way to think about sex


There are many of you who are single orsingle again and abstinence is not even a consideration.  Our sexual decisions should not be based on an age but on what we know.  I hope that by learning the truth about potential dangers, you will not be closed minded but will be open to making abstinence an option even for you. 

Did You Know:

  • 86% of college students have had sexual intercourse during their lifetime. 51
  • Unplanned pregnancies are most common in the age group of 20-29. 52
  • Of the 18.9 million new cases of STIs each year, 9.1 million (48%) occur among 15–24-year-olds.
  • Although 15–24-year-olds represent only one-quarter of the sexually active population, they account for nearly half of all new STIs each year. 53

Singles' Survival Guide:

  • Require a commitment .
  • Evaluate your reasons for sexual activity.
    • Unhealthy past relationships
    • Defense mechanism
    • Unhealthy self-image
    • Co-dependence on others
    • Sexual abuse
  • Set appropriate physical boundaries.
  • Don’t fall into the “Not Me” Trap.
  • Anticipate sexual activity instead of it simply being expected.
  • Identify potential abusive relationships here.

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