180 Degrees

A whole new way to think about sex


  Option or Outdated?

It seems like in high school sex is almost a REQUIREMENT to be in a relationship.  Well that is the farthest from the truth. 

Surviving the Dating Game!

Don't Be Closed Minded

  • Allot of teens today think that abstinence is just outdated and they throw it out as an option all together. 
  • At least let abstinence be an option for you especially when it is the ONLY 100% way to prevent pregnancy and STD's.
  • Abstinence is only outdated when people are too close minded to make it an option...

Set Some Physical Boundaries

  • Boundaries are no good if we don’t ever set them.  Decide what your boundary is here
  • Someone you SHOULD date will RESPECT and SHARE your boundaries and not pressure you into changing them.

Boundaries = FREEDOM!

  • Do you love sports?  Consider how any sports game would go if there were no rules...  What if there were no boundary lines or no specific way to get a goal or no fouls?  The game would be no fun because it would be CHOAS!  Which means boundaries in a sport equals a GREAT game!
  • This same thought applies to relationships.  Boundaries in a relationship doesn't equal restriction...it equals FREEDOM to have a wonderful relationship without the stress of consequences.  So choose FREEDOM!

Know Your Legal Risks

  • Texas Sexual Assault is defined as anyone who has sex with someone under the age of 14 or anyone who has sex with someone who is more than 3 years younger than themselves. 46
  • Did you know that if someone takes nude pictures of themselves or others who are under the age of 18 and sends them out, that person could be charged with child pornography? 
    • This is oftened referred to as "sexting".
  • Pictures of the genital areas (even when clothes are on) that are sent out with the purpose of causing arrousal can be classified as pornographic as well. 4748

Don’t Put Yourself into Tempting Situations

  • Don’t go to their bedroom to hang out.  (What is the main piece of furniture in a bedroom?!)
  • Don’t go on long drives late at night.
  • Don’t go to their house when no one is home.
  • Don’t have late night conversations especially those that include the topic of sex!
  • Don't have sexual IM or text conversations.  (Remember when you email, IM, or text something it can be sent to ANYONE!)

Beware of Drugs and Alcohol

  • Teens who drink are TWICE as likely to have sex than those that don’t! 49
  • 21% of teens in high school that had sex say they used drugs or drank alcohol before they had sexual intercourse. 50
  • Drugs and alcohol also impair your judgment and that can put you more at risk for sexual assault.

Identify Abusive Relationships

  • Many teenagers get involved in abusive relationships but never even know it.
  • To find out if your relationship is abusive, check out the Abusive Relationship Checklist.
  • Remember, abuse is NOT just physical but also emotional, verbal and sexual.
  • Listen to those you love!  If most of the people in your life are concerned about your relationship, then they probably aren't all wrong...

It is Never Too Late

  • You can always start over and make good choices now!  Even if you have lost your virginity…make a commitment now to    wait until you are married to have sex again.