180 Degrees

A whole new way to think about sex


What the Teenagers Have to Say!

13 y/o Female:
“I like her honesty, she genuinely cares about us.”

13 y/o Female: What new info did you learn today?
“What I’m worth!”

13 y/o Male: 
“I liked her because she has told me things that I did not know and she made a difference in my life.”

13 y/o Female:  What did you like least?
“The fact that I didn’t know exactly how far to go UNTIL NOW.”

14 y/o Male: 
“You are great at what you do and you do know what we go through.”

14 y/o Male: 
“It’s really good advice.  Thanks!”

18 y/o Female: Has this info helped you make a decision for abstinence?
“Yes, my mind is made up.  This session is really good and interesting.  Don’t change anything about it.  Thank you for your time!”

18 y/o Female: Has this info helped you make a decision for abstinence?
“Yes, because I have already made that choice.  It just made me realize that I am making the RIGHT choice.”

31 Adult: 
“Jennifer, I think you have a wonderful program.  I wish I had the opportunity to hear this material when I was a teenager.”

15 y/o Female: What new information did you learn today?
“That you could always have secondary virginity.”

18 y/o Female:  
“I’ve always taken it [sex] so lightly and you have hit me hard with it.”

18 y/o Female:  What new info did you learn?
“Everything that I already knew but was blind to realize.”

18 y/o Male: What did you like best?
“The information that needed to be said, that usually isn’t”

14 y/o Female: 
“What I liked best was the fact that you took time out of your life to do this for students.  That means a lot.  You can rightfully say that you have helped people from getting STDs and/or ruining their lives.”

13 y/o Female
“She really liked what she did and I can tell.”

13 y/o Female:  What did you learn today?
“You can change your future.”

15 y/o Female:  What did you like best?
“The truth!”

180 Degrees was featured on the FRONT page of the Dallas Morning News on March 31, 2007. Check out the article here.

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