180 Degrees

A whole new way to think about sex

Rich Shelton graduated from Lee University with his Bachelors in 1997.  He is currently the Education Director at Real Options for Women.  Rich has worked in various professions from Juvenile Corrections to sales and now in his most fitting and exciting career as an abstinence educator. 

Rich has always had a passion to see young people succeed.  He has fulfilled this passion through roles in juvenile corrections and his church involvement.

Rich has spoken to thousands of students across the Dallas metroplex and faces each challenging audience with enthusiasm and creativity.  With his 6ft 5in frame, funny voices and facial expressions, the students stay engaged as they laugh and learn at the same time.  He challenges every student to understand they are valued and that they have a big beautiful destiny in front of them. 


Destiny Valdezcropped.jpg

Destiny Young is a graduate of Oral Roberts University’s class of 2017. She is originally from Houston, Texas and moved to the area when she started her position as a 180-degree Educator. She is passionate about sharing her story of how she was born to teen parents and the consequences that came of her parents’ actions. She uses her story to keep students informed on how their choices can lead to life altering outcomes.

 Destiny enjoys speaking to students and encouraging them to make the best and healthiest choice not just for their health, but for their life. After living life under teen parents first hand, she wants to encourage students that they can make a different choice. She likes to engage students by making them laugh, using their lingo, and sharing real life stories to help cultivate a space for students to feel comfortable during a not so comfortable conversation.

 She hopes to let students know through her presentations that she is on their side, cheering them on, and wanting them to succeed in everything they do. While also letting them know, it all begins with their choices and they can always turn their lives around for the better.