180 Degrees

A whole new way to think about sex

Who We Are

180 Degrees is a sexual risk avoidance program designed to help teenagers recognize the consequences of premarital sex, the beauty of a healthy marriage relationships, and turn their thinking about sex around a whole 180 degrees.


The 180 Degrees Program includes presentations with topics such as: setting appropriate physical boundaries, using refusal skills, staggering STD and pregnancy statistics, recognizing unhealthy relationships and the anticipated satisfaction of sexual intimacy inside a marriage relationship.  This is NOT your typical sex education class…these are interactive discussions that allow students and parents to engage in honest discussion about critical issues!

180 Degrees Mission Statement:


The mission of the 180 Degrees program is to encourage young people to adopt a lifestyle of sexual integrity.

  • “Encourage” – to inspire with courage, spirit, personal example and confidence
  • “Young people” – ranging from middle school through college age students
  • Adopt” – actionable, observable change in behavior; make part of their lives
  • "Lifestyle” – this includes any/all decisions, thought patterns, behaviors, and beliefs
  • Sexual integrity” – defined as sexual abstinence until marriage and healthy emotional, physical and spiritual choices within relationships

Targeted educational programs:

  • Special Interest Groups
    • Civic Organizations
    • Charter and Alternative Schools
    • Juvenile Detention Centers
    • Church Youth Groups
    • Purity Retreats
    • Camps