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  • "Roughly" 1 in 4 teen age girl will  get pregnant at least once before the age of 20.  24
  • When looking at women overall, not just teens, nearly half (45%) of all pregnancies are described by women themselves as unplanned. 25 
  • A girl can get pregnant the very first time she has sex.26
  • Condoms can reduce pregnancy by 85% IF used correctly 100% of the time.
  • About 15% of women will get pregnant each year when condoms are used.27
  • Only about 13% of teen girls actually used condoms 100% of the time. 28

  • Thus, condoms are definitely a BETTER choice if someone is going to be sexually active but it is not the BEST choice.  Only abstinence is 100% effective 100% of the time!
  • Approximately 100 million sperm are released at ejaculation and it only takes 1 sperm to cause pregnancy!
  • Hormonal birth control is approximately 91%-99% effective against pregnancy ONLY if used properly. 29
    • There is NO protection against STIs when birth control other than condoms are used.
  • One active hormone pill is taken at the same time every day. 30
    • Most teen girls on birth control do not take it consistently which can actually INCREASE your chances of becoming pregnant. 
    • All forms of hormonal birth control do not offer ANY protection against STI's.
  • Some medicines can interfere with birth control pills. 31
  • For more pregnancy myths, click on Q&As.

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For the Gentlemen:

  (According to Texas law only)

  • The definition of a "biological father" is the man whose sperm brings the baby into being.
  • In order to have rights as a father you must sign the Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP) form.  It is free, easy and can be done at the birth of the child. 
  • If a man does not sign the AOP (and is not court ordered), he is not financially responsible for the child but also has NO rights of visitation or the way in which the child will be raised.
  • If a man refuses to sign the AOP the mother can file a petition through the court for a DNA test.  If the results come back positive, then that man is required to pay child support and has all legal rights for visitation and participation in their child's life.
  • You can sign the AOP or be assigned child support through the court even if you are a minor.
  • A woman can legally file for paternity up until the child turns 18 years of age. 32
  • If you do not have a court ordered child support any/all financial support given to the mother could be perceived as a gift, thus you may be required to pay back child support if she chooses to file with the court in the future.
  • Generally when paternity is established and child support is issued, a man could be required to pay back child support for the months/years that he missed plus interest. 33  
  • It is not your decision IF you will pay court ordered child support.  If you are employed your "wages will be garnished" which means your child support will be taken out BEFORE you receive your paycheck. 
  • Pregnancy is NOT just about paying money it is about being a good father. For more information for guys about pregnancy or fatherhood, contact Rich Shelton at rshelton@realoptionsforwomen.com